Afraid of mistakes

Lately I feel that I’ve made a lot of mistakes when providing coaching around a specific meal plan. I’m allowing myself to spiral into me actually causing harm to people and then making it mean that I can’t do coaching in general.

C- Client call
T- I messed up and will get in trouble
F- Sad
A- Spin, gather lots of data, people please
R- ??not showing up the way I want, waking up in night anxious (I don’t tend to know what to put in R line)

I’m wondering if right now I am just in a slight depression. For about a week, most of my feelings have been sad, anxious, stuck, etc, and I’m physically tired in my body which tends to correlate with my sadness & anxiety.

I almost feel that the thoughts that are coming from this place of already feeling sad overall in my life although the model would suggest otherwise.

Yesterday I had coaching that suggested I just allow the feelings vs trying to change the thoughts.