afraid to completely quit drinking

Dear Brooke,

I happened upon your podcasts over a year ago during one of my many late night, after wine google searches on ‘how to quit drinking’. I had been using red wine as a buffer since after college (over 20 years), and it got worse after my three kids and divorce. Although for all those years I didn’t think it was such a big deal (just wine, I thought – funny how the brain finds an excuse for feeling so sick the next day) I was suddenly was sick of myself – I wanted to be free. Your explanation of over drinking and urges helped me cut down my drinking significantly. I hadn’t even realized I was avoiding/fearing feeling pain until I heard it from you! Since joining scholars in December I am proud to say that through reaching 100 unmet urges I have reduced my drinking from 2-3 glasses per night to 2-3 glasses per week (usually weekends) and when I don’t drink most of the time I am not even thinking about it! I am amazed. Thank you so much – I feel and look so much healthier!
When I think of never drinking again I have to say I feel horrified. The reason I want to stop drinking completely is that in a way I think that drinking once a week is not worth it. My body and mind (and spirit) have gotten unused to it and the following day I feel the draining and unhealthy effects of the alcohol. On the other hand, I still really like the taste of good red wine and I am also scared that I won’t be able to have any fun when I am with my friends if I completely give it up. Any suggestions?