After school with the kids

On the daily, I practice self actualization and awareness. I am human, I have feelings and emotions and sometimes I feel irritable after school when there’s lots of commotion with the kids. Why? It’s usually after school when they are probably hungry and I am trying to make dinner and help with homework. It happened yesterday; for no good reason I was short with them. It doesn’t feel good, especially when I look back at my behavior which I am not proud of. Having food for them ready when they get home may help. I remember being super hungry after school and cranky. Some down time to just rest sounds amazing too. I am choosing to forgive myself and accept that I have every intention on working with the situation. I am being pulled in many different directions and my kids are so needy that I can’t possibly do it all.

Intentional Model
C: After school
T: Stop asking me for things, I am trying to make dinner.
F: Agitated
A: I shout, get short, drop things and walk away.
R: Unpleasant after school time

Intentional Model
C: After school at home
T: I am a loving and patient mom, I can do this with ease.
F: Good
A: Get in some comfortable house clothes, set a timer for when we are starting homework, while timer is going do 3 minutes of breath work, have a snack for the kids and myself, homework is done by 5p and I can start dinner, keep dinners simple.
R: Mellow time with my family

Do I have my model set up in a way that makes sense?