After September

One of the reasons I want to commit to launching my project website in September is to show myself that I can show up for myself, and can commit to myself. It’s scary and exciting to think about September 30. The daily calendaring is really helping. And I’m having a whole lot of thoughts and feelings about the worthiness of my goal (thanks for your help on that, Corinne!!). I have so many other projects – organize house, start exercising again, stop buffering with chocolate, print photo books of kids, start podcast, start business, etc. – that have been on my long-term to do list for, ahem, years. After September, after I show myself I had my own back and did The Thing, do you recommend I commit to doing another big Thing? Is there ever a time when committing to two Things is a good idea? Or do you always say, one thing, 30 days. Go. ? Maybe I should map out the year and have one thing for each 30 days?