I feel so hesitant to tell people about my age. I have a life coaching business and I feel like I am too young or I just feel like I am the odd one out when talking to groups of people who are twice my age and some have kids.

I just feel like different and awkward to tell people my real age. So I add 3-4-5 years on my age to seem older so that I dont feel awkward or weird as a young life coach.

Maybe my thoughts are:
I can’t be a life coach because I haven’t experienced much of life?
or I just feel like older people might be shocked or doubtful or kind of idk.

One time I told someone my age and they seemed so shocked. So I kind of lie about my age and they seem to believe it.

But I do want to feel confident about my age and being a life coach for entrepreneurs at this age.

Some people actually are surprised in a good way saying you seem really matured and capable.

But I seem to still hesitate even if people compliment me for starting a business at this age.