Ageing parents (question)

Hello, this morning I did what started like an unintentional model regarding some thoughts about my father. However, it turned out halfway through the model that it wasn’t actually that unintentional as I think I like the feeling within that model and want to keep it. I also like the result I have based on this feeling of awareness. Might you be able to comment on anything in this model as it confused me? Here it is:

Model on Unintentional Thought:
C: My dad will be 80 in May.
T: He may die in the next few years. I won’t see him a lot more as I live in another country.
F: Sad
A: I think that this is actually an appropriate feeling I want to hold onto and make sure I do what I can to spend time with my parents more, I am traveling much more recently to see them (sometimes links to thoughts about my own aging and momentary fears of ‘being past it’), worry how my dad will manage being 80 as he so much loves life, think of 80 as a symbolic age,
wonder about my mum in that context (she is 11 years younger),
notice they are in fact very happy at this stage in their life, and very well
R: make sure I see him enough, be grateful for what a good relationship we have, connect as we do a lot via Zoom, am grateful