Aggressive Trump voters and FB posters

I just spent the last week driving through Oregon and was really triggered by all of the Trump signs, flags, stickers, etcetera. I even passed a Trump gear vendor selling flags with slogans on them like, ‘”fuck your feelings.” At one point my husband wore a Black Lives Matters face mask into a Wal Mart and we passed right by an employee with a Blue Lives Matters mask. Being in the Wal Mart really made my anxiety spike because I just don’t know what people are going to do or how they’re going to react considering the attacks on protestors all over the US and especially in Portland, OR. I’ve been so freaked out by how unpredictable people are acting.

I’m terrified and saddened by all of the hate and anger that I see and hear from these people. I don’t feel safe anymore

C: Husband wearing Black Lives Matters mask in Eastern Oregon Wal Mart.
T: People who oppose BLM are violent, angry, and unpredictable.
F: Scared
A: Hurry to get out of the store faster, sweat, feel anxious and nervous, avoid eye contact, feel exposed, think that everyone is glaring at us, act with more politeness to not rile anyone up, try to hide, look to evidence of Trump supporters shooting protesters and driving their cars through protestors, think about all the “Karens” that have yelled and screamed at people.
R: ??

I think that looking at someone who has different beliefs as me with curiosity is great and all, but that is way too big of a leap for me right now. I am curious as to why they think the way they do–but I don’t really know how to act, respond, or feel when groups of people with a belief are violent.