Agreeing with my boss

Hi Brooke
My person of focus last week was my boss. She and I get along quite well but she dislikes some people at work and tells me that quite often – I do not feel the same about those people.
In writing about how I show up in our relationship, I admitted it’s not authentically in these situations. Rather than disagreeing, I just nod along and let her talk. She is very set in her ways and will try and convince someone black is white if she thinks that. So I know (and have experience of it in the past), that if I express a different view, she will disagree wholeheartedly and try and talk me around to her view. So I find it easier to just nod along and leave it.
I think this is the path of least resistance but do feel a little inauthentic and walked over. But if that’s easiest for me, is it a bad thing?