Ah ha Now here comes the Mind Drama!

Hi there!

So I am officially 20 lbs down and super grateful BUT I didn’t have a ton of mind drama and now – classic, the last 10 lbs – here it is!

I’ve been at the same weight for 3 weeks, and I feel like I’m doing things right. I was getting a little sloppy and could feel myself slipping into spite and wanting to throw in the towel! But then have gotten myself back in check here.

One time Brooke mentioned a Scholars student had a calendar documenting her weight loss and her whooshes and holds – I wondered if that might be available somewhere here.

My plan for now is to just continue with what I believe will work for me – not to add the extras of cheese I’d started to add or the extra nuts – but to stick to the clear plan. And then maybe at the 6 week mark if it still hasn’t dropped, make a change in the protocol.

Any feedback here for ways I can look at this to pull through OR make the most of this external circumstance bringing up drama, I’d be grateful!
Thank you!