Aha Moment: Everything happens FOR me

Hi… I was doing thought download today and after a few minutes of writing this is one of the thoughts that i wrote: “everything happens for me”. This interested me enough to do a model on because at first i was surprised that this thought came to me. I have first and often heard this in Brooke’s podcasts. It did catch my ear because i thought this would really be a great way to view everything that happens in one’s life but i dont quite believe it during those times or i just did not care enough so i did not gave much attention to it after that. So i was surprised why this thought suddenly popped in my head.

So as i was doing a model on it, i noticed that what im doing was for an Intentional Model instead of the Unintentional Model. I know this because i know that i am not there yet but its where i wanted to be. I think im somewhere just off the banks of the river of misery because when i reversed the thought, or some version of it, “some or most things happen against me”, i know that this has been (and most of the times still is) my pattern of thinking which is giving me the result in life im currently in.

This just blew my mind!! Is this really possible, having unconscious thoughts for an Intentional Model first instead of the Unintentional Model? Does this happen often? Would love to hear what you can say about this.

And here are my models. Pls do comment for improvement 🙂

Intentional Model:
C – my life
T – everything happens for me
F – eager
A – More willing to put myself out there
R – an evolved life

Unintentional Model:
C – my life
T – things happen against me
F – defensive, afraid
A – create walls to protect myself from external factors that may harm me, hides
R – no growth, stays the same, stagnant

Hmmm, not sure the R validates the T? May be it is just how i phrase them?

It is only now that im beginning to really understand what it means to say that “everything happens for me”. Thank you Brooke for introducing it to me 🙂 I love it and this is going to be one of the beliefs i want in my life. Im really amazed how this work works !!