My Aha moment and why feelings matter

I’d asked one of the coaches this question during the last live call. It was something along the lines of, “What are meant to do with our feelings? Do we try to change them through thought, thereby disregarding them? Or should we understand our feelings as finely tuned indicators of truth, as I’ve understood from Abraham?” It’s a question I’ve struggled with for a while. Well, this morning I was reading Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities. And while I was reading I finally understood — feelings ARE an important indicator. They tell us that something is off WITH OUR THOUGHTS. Not that something is off with our circumstances. They need to be felt and understood because they point to beliefs that denigrate or demean us, that limit us. If we ignore the feelings, we won’t be able to reinvent the beliefs. I think that you’ve been saying this and finally my mind cracked open enough for the message to wiggle in.
Now, tell me, do I understand that right?