Aha moment on urges

I just watched your coaching Q and A with over drinking although I’ve never even had one sip of alcohol in my life, I feel like when you talk to your overdrinkers I get a lot out of it as it applies to my overeating.

So I realized something- I have been “practicing allowing my urges” for so long that I was wondering why I haven’t yet lost the desire for overeating and sweets. I often do great on the weekdays but give into urges on weekends or unplanned events. During that call you said something that was a huge Aha for me. During the week and on planned events It’s easy for me to stay on protocol- I may have an urge here or there but they are small and it’s easy for me to tell myself no. I haven’t practiced at all allowing urges on weekends or unplanned events or when I’m with my in laws because “these are extenuating circumstances and it’s just to hard to stay on protocol and be with the in laws for example”. I just realized that I’m not getting any better at allowing urges when I don’t do the “workout”. For example it’s easy for me to feel strong at the gym if I’m lifting 2lb dumblells. I’ve been lifting 2 lb dumbbells when it comes to urges and telling myself that no one should expect me to lift anything heavier it’s too hard. But that’s how I get stronger. I have always assumed those extenuating circumstances were just that- exceptions, when really that’s the urges I should be focusing on. That’s the weight I have to pick up. Seems so obvious now.
Love you! Here we go. I think I’ll call up my mother in law and sit with her and a table full of pasta and homemade bread and see how much negative emotion I can allow.