Aha moment…

Hi, Just thought I’d share this with you.

I get a lot of insights into behavior change for myself when I’m working with my dogs and this morning I had an Aha! moment while running with my younger dog. She is tough to run with but I have been committed to continuing to bring her along for the last week and in the middle of the 1 millionth stop/correct/continue… I told myself, if I keep doing this every day, I know for certain that she will eventually become a wonderful running partner. And VIOLA! It hit me…I really understood what you mean when you say… If we can just be willing to experience any emotion… there is nothing we can’t do. If I can just be willing to be frustrated, my dog will get trained –this I know… but now I’m so excited to see where else I can apply it. If I’m willing to feel uncomfortable, I can leave work on time despite the nutty culture of overwork — If I’m willing to be hungry, I can get sugar out of my life — I can’t wait to play with this idea.

Thanks for all you do to bring these ideas to us.