So, a few years back I did the Overdrinking program and really cut back on my drinking. Then I read a great book that inspired me to stop drinking which I did for a few months. When I started drinking again, I actually didn’t really desire it, I just associated a particular activity with drinking, so I had a drink. Just one. From there I felt that I had my drinking under control and would have 1-1.5 drinks only on Friday and/or Saturday. As time went on, I would occasionally drink more, but nothing like before. So again, felt and still feel that the drinking is under control.

Recently I decided to stop again for a month. Just to see if I can. (I did this with caffeine this year and found out, after > 20 years, that I actually can survive without it and don’t even miss it really!). So, back to the drinking. I don’t find I really miss it but am still struggling with whether I want this to be a forever thing. I do find myself bored at times but remind myself that boredom is great – it means I have free time, which I previously thought I didn’t have.

So wondering if I should decide now if this is a forever thing versus committing to the month and seeing how I feel at the end. I predict you will say it’s my choice, and of course it is, but looking for a little guidance here. Thank You!