Alcohol and Insulin (LP)

Hey SCS Team,

I read Taubes’s Why We Get Fat and I’ve got a question about alcohol and insulin. Does drinking alcohol (low carb, like wine or clear liquor with no added sugary mixers) spike your insulin?

I understand that alcohol halts weight loss (as stated by Brooke on one of the OE videos or a podcast…) and doesn’t actually make you gain weight, according to Taubes, unless you eat carbs while drinking.

But the part I’m trying to figure out is if it spikes insulin. I’ve been eating NSNF for a couple of months and limiting my alcohol intake and one thing I’ve found is if I eat too much fruit I feel hungrier the following day. I just came from a two day work retreat where I drank a few (planned) glasses of wine in the evening and I found myself particularly hungry during my normal IF period the following morning and also again in-between lunch and dinner. Now, the reasons for uncharacteristic morning and afternoon hunger are potentially multi-factorial (I am hungrier when ovulating or when tired, for example) but it occurred to me that it could be residual insulin from the alcohol consumption.

Thoughts on alcohol and insulin?

Mil grazie.