Alcohol Rules

I consider myself to be a practical and rules oriented person and I would like to stop drinking Sunday – Thursday. In the past, this has been relatively easy for me because I’ve been in my routine. But right now, I’m in the middle of moving, it’s the holidays, Covid, etc. and my schedule seems out of whack (my thoughts!) so I’ve been drinking a few glasses of wine during the work week. I would like to stop, but need some help with some thoughts for my intentional model.

Unintentional Model
C: December
T: Everything is out of whack right now. You can drink.
F: Whatever, f-it.
A: Drink wine almost every night of the week.
R: Feel shitty about my decision to drink the night before, feel a little groggy in the morning.

Intentional Model
C: December
T: I don’t drink Sunday – Friday. It’s my rule.
F: Motivated, in control.
A: I don’t drink Sunday – Friday.
R: I feel good throughout the week, I begin to build more trust with myself.

The intentional model thought feels pretty good to me – so maybe I’m overthinking this – but would you recommend any other thoughts to experiment with in this scenario?