Aligned Model Question

Hi everyone! So, I’m working on an aligned model and I don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of it. I am the assistant editor of a small newspaper that is only published a handful of times of year. It is a very part time job, but I just love it. My big dream is to go full time, become partners with the editor (and eventually sole owner when she retires). So many things need to take place for that to happen including financial stuff, relocation and, oh, yes, my editor agreeing to a partnership. Despite all that needs to occur, I’m slowly starting to believe that my dream can become reality SOMEDAY. So, in the aligned model, I get that my C: and R: match, but my T: F: A: need to also align. Not sure how to make that happen in my present life.

C: I am the co-owner of my own newspaper
T: I am a creative, competent person and I can do anything I set my mind to.
F: empowered
A: take the necessary steps to achieve my dream including talking to my editor, getting my finances in order, researching places to live
R: I am the co-owner of my own newspaper
Is this right, because, honestly, I don’t feel prepared for any of this in the moment? It’s my (maybe, possibly, hopefully near) future dream.
Thank you for your help and support….much love to all!