Aligned Money Model

Hello! I am working on my impossible goal for 2020. I am creating an aligned model that I can practice every day as I move forward. I think at action line is pretty good. I imagined myself meeting the future me who accomplished it and those are actions I need to work on. I’m trying to get the right feeling and thought though. I listened to Brooke’s podcast on aligned models and some thoughts could be This is great, I made $50,000. I can am going to do amazing things. I did it. I’m so proud of myself. I have $50,000. I earned $50,000. Maybe a feeling could be accomplishment or having it?

C- $50,000
T- I can do this no matter what. ?
F- courage?
A- Practice having it, Show up at work and create value, make decisions on how to spend my money ahead of time, saving money each month, isn’t doubting she can make $50,000, has a positive relationship with money, isn’t spinning in scarcity, Asks to be paid more and provides more value, make decisions from future self, manages mind, applies for full time jobs
R- $50,000

Thank you!