Aligning my models

I am wanting to change the circumstances of my career but am having trouble aligning my models. Specifically, I want to make $100k in my coaching/nutrition business (currently at $0). I’ve narrowed this down to smaller goals like book 10 one-on-one clients and eventually launch a group program. I really believe I will make this happen, but the problem is, there is this underlying notion that it will happen *eventually* just not anytime soon. I’ve been working to build my business for several years and things just haven’t taken off yet. I am set on massive action but the catch is always “it takes as long as it takes,” and so the thought is, this might take many many years. It’s starting to feel like I’m always thinking, “I’ll get there eventually” but without a set time frame, eventually never comes. But I am having a ton of trouble believing in reaching goals within a set time frame because I haven’t been able to make it happen before. I know that is past focused thinking that doesn’t serve me, which is where my question comes in – how can I align my models so that I can truly believe in reaching my goals in a set time frame, while also releasing attachment to certain results in a certain time frame?