Aligning or buffering?

Since high school, I noticed that I had to clean my room before studying.

As I get older, I hear that I was not unique. “Outer calm inner peace,” is rather a norm for a lot of us.

I am about to embark on coach training (intro session this am on Zoom!) and I am also in the process of creating my first online course.

There are LOTS of things I need to do. And I had, in my head, planned to do some of that this morning.

But what did I do? I cleaned up my kitchen, did laundry, and walked the dog.

Usually I do those things to get myself ‘aligned’ and ready. It’s like making the bed in the morning.

And I am sure it is what I think of it… but I thought I would ask here… am I procrastinating or buffering instead of finding alignment?

Is the “outer calm, inner peace” just an old belief and what I need to do is make a definite plan and execute?

Or does it all have to do with the result line?