All confused

Hi. I have decided that I want to learn something new at work and the way I want to approach it is to find a prospective project and then present it to my boss. He may find a different one but I think it will give me confidence to do this vs just go and tell him I want a project. I want to show us both that I am capable. Now I have already passed some obstacles on this road, but when I am thinking about a project my brain is just kind of foggy….like I have not been at this job for 6 years and don’t know what is going on. This is stepping out of my comfort zone and that is the point. How do I get past this? I have tried that OK I don’t know but if I did what would I do and I have gotten ideas where to look but I have a feeling I am not open to seeing. I am working on believing that the worse thing that can happen is a feeling, but I feel like I am not moving from the spot just coaching.