All Encompassing Thought

I have been working on models in many different areas of my life recently… avoiding work, being productive, Monday Hour One scheduling, staying committed to a food plan, drinking and eating less etc.  A reoccurring thought I have in every aspect of my life is “I should be better.”

C: Me
T: I should be better
F: Shame & disappointment in self
A: Buffer w/ TV, confused about what action to take.
R: I don’t make changes I want to make.

I know I can’t beat myself into the positive results I want to create, but I don’t know how to believe something positive instead of “I should do better”.  I don’t believe that I am “enough” or ok the way I am right now.  And if I really believed a positive thought like “I’m enough they way I am” I feel like I would lose my motivation to change or try to improve my life.