All of the pressure (I’m putting on myself)

Hi Brooke,

I’ve been having high anxiety the past few days. I am so afraid that I am not confident enough to be a good coach (I’m part of April’s upcoming Coach Training). I’m scared I’m one of “the ones who won’t be successful”. I’m so desperate to be confident in myself, in my ability to help others, in my ability to be a great entrepreneur… It is all extreme pressure and it feels like I’m drowning in it.

I’ve been in Scholars for 5 months and have benefitted so greatly. But this month, I feel like I don’t know how to think for myself anymore – I’m trying to make everything come from what I’ve learned in Scholars. I’m judging every thought and trying to be the perfect coach/human, trying to choose the right thoughts the second the bad ones come into my head. I’m trying to have the right answer to every question I have from friends or family that I think I could coach them on, and if I don’t know it or don’t think I gave them a good answer I judge myself and my brain floods with “you can’t really help people, you can’t really be a coach.”

Everything I try and know and say and practice seems to come from Scholars, not from me. I’m always trying to pick the “right” answer. I feel like I don’t know how to do any of it now, because my mind is all over the place and I’m upset – just further proof to the shit my brain is telling me.

I would so appreciate your guidance here. Thank you so much.