All or Nothing Mentality – Wine!

I have learned so much in Scholars so far – one of them has been to ditch my all or nothing mentality with food. Mostly, I eat healthfully, and sometimes I have a treat with zero guilt attached. It feels like freedom.

For some reason, I am struggling to figure out how to have this balance with alcohol. Once a bottle of wine is opened, I almost have obsessive thoughts about finishing it. Once the bottle is gone and/or there is no more alcohol in my house, I have no problem not drinking. Part of me thinks it’s easier to just quit cold turkey – just make the decision not to ever drink again and stop wasting time thinking about drinking.

But another part of me hates that I have to be so all or nothing. I want to be able to travel, go to Italy for example, and have a few glasses of wine without guilt. How do I achieve that balance of not drinking most of the time, but not being completely thrown off by a glass or two here or there? I am having trouble identifying the thoughts that have made it possible for me with food – but not alcohol. Thank you!