All out of thoughts

Hi there. I’m new this month and it’s been exciting. I joined because I’ve been following your podcasts and its been an enormous help to me – I am a coach and have my own coaching business. I like your directness and have been using more of the model with my clients with amazing results. But…when it comes to me, focusing on my new belief, I’m running out of positive thoughts about my new belief. My new belief, which I just changed to a bridge thought because it was too un-believable in my bones is “my body has the ability to change with changing eating habits “. It’s believable for me. However, I’m struggling with the positive thought downloads. I find that I’m freaking out because what I think is that the stupid hamster is on it’s wheel unconsciously running in my brain the same old thoughts – and they are more negative than positive. I feel like I’m forcing myself to think positively. Am I thinking too much about this?! Suggestions?