All these Ideas

I’ve been getting coaching around my impossible goal for 2020 which is to make $50,000 so that I can pay off debt and enroll in coach certification in September. ALL AMAZING! I’ve seen that I need to be open to all the possibilities for jobs and that I was staying comfortable thinking the thought – No one is paying very much here. I realized that a thought like that didn’t require me to put myself out into the world. So I am applying to different types of jobs at different pay levels. At the same time, I started thinking about how I could create opportunities for myself and “put myself out there.” SO I have all these ideas and all these questions floating around in my head.

First, I am applying to all sorts of jobs. Do I take a job that I don’t necessarily love, but pays well, to bring in income in order to get to my first goal of enrolling in coach certification? Or lately, I’ve thought about reaching out to nature centers and seeing if I could work with them to provide educational programming because I love being outdoors and teaching. I’m just not sure if the pay is there. Or do try and start a side business? I’ve thought about apparel. I just don’t know about it or that it would bring in a lot of income right away. Are there some better questions I could ask myself?

I want to make $50,000, but I also want to contribute and do something I love along the way. Eventually, I want to have my own coaching business and hold retreats at nature centers. Does it have to be either or? Making lots of money or working somewhere I love (for example nature centers).