All up in his model.

I am commited to 30 days of modeling so that I can learn all of the ways I am creating drama and disconnect in my marriage.
Could you please help me flesh out the result? I know I create resistance with “should”, any extra insight is really appreciated.

C: sitting at peninsula in kitchen, working on excel spreadsheet, our cow moos

T: He (Luke) thinks I should be out there feeding the cows.

F: Anger

A: Mental rant. Have a conversation in my head. Do not converse with him. Stop what I’m doing … the productive thing that I was doing, and spin in drama. I get into his model and leave mine. Stare at computer screen. Cross Arms. Stew in anger. Question myself and what I’m doing. Withdraw from him further. Waste a lot of time stewing.

R: With this thought I create resistance towards Luke. (could you please help me flesh this out)

For an intentional thought I am choosing What he thinks is none of my business.
That softens the anger for me.

Could you help me create a thought that would be empowering?