Allotted time too much… lb

My goal for the month is not taking as long as I scheduled for it. I am finding I will likely be done by the end of this week. Because of this, and because of an unforeseen obstacle (getting sick) I am not doing the scheduled time on the project this week, because I am very confident I don’t need to do as much work as I scheduled (time wise). Instead this week I am allowing myself to heal, rest and work on another goal that is important (and less physically strenuous than planned goal). I have a little voice in my head telling myself I am wrong for not “working” the hours that I scheduled on months’ goal this week and I’m not doing it right. But then a conflicting voice says – yes you are, you will still produce the goal – you just allotted more time than you needed, you’re still on track and you need to rest this week. Thoughts?? I have a history of not taking care of myself and trying to people please so I feel that voice is that part of me… The emotional adult is telling me to take it easy this week cause if I don’t I may get much sicker….
How can the model help here??