Allowed overspending urge?

I changed my impossible goal to be paying off $38,280.02 in debt by 12/31/21. I’m using the urge jar for overspending and just had these models. I am wondering if this counts as an allowed urge?

C: earrings $6.40. $0 in clothing/accessories budget
T: they’re only $6.40
F: justified
A: pick up the earrings. walk around the store. consider buying it.
R: I justify not staying on budget. I justify and entertain the idea of overspending

C: earrings $6.40.
T: I want these
F: desire
A: pick them up, walk around the store, hold them up to my ear
R: continue to want them

C: earrings $6.40. $0 in clothing/accessories budget
T: I’m not buying these
F: committed
A: put them back, leave the store
R: I stay on budget. I don’t overspend