Allowing an urge to buy a book

I am working on changing my overspending pattern and using my urge jar for allowing urges to buy things unplanned. This morning I really wanted (and still want) to buy a book. It is kind of like the thought keeps popping up and I feel compelled to buy it but I am just watching my thoughts and feeling the feeling. Is this allowing an urge? It is almost like the thoughts come and go and feel more urgent and compelling than other times. At what point have I earned a bead?

C: “Letting Go of the Words” book
T: I want this book
F: desire
A: add it to my cart, read reviews, make justifications in my mind (“I have a gift card …”)
R: I don’t allow the urge to buy an item I didn’t plan ahead of time

C: “Letting Go of the Words” book
T: I am thinking I want this book and that’s okay
F: curious
A: watch my thoughts and feelings,
R: I earn a bead