Allowing Emotion

Short back story…our house caught on fire and we planned to rebuild. We started demolition with a contractor. The insurance company gave us a large sum of money and we decided to sell our property and buy a new home. This allowed us to pay off all debt except for 15k. Originally we were told that demolition was separate from dwelling so it would be a different payout than the dwelling. The contractor sent us an invoice for $25k. The insurance company is still undecided if they will pay any money for demolition. So yesterday we had to take out a $25k loan to pay the contractor. C- $25k loan T- We should have been better stewards of this blessing and not spent so much money. F- Regret A- Put out bad vibes. R- Attract more negative things, like the insurance not paying anything for demolition. I know that you say we have to allow emotion and not rush through them. I’ve been taught that you attract what you put out. I know I am arguing with the past and that everything happened exactly as it should. But how long should I sit with this emotion? Until it’s gone? And what are your thoughts that sitting with this emotion for an extended period of time will attract more negativity?