Allowing others to be wrong about you

Allowing people to be wrong about you is fine as long as their opinion doesn’t affect your goals. When you have somebody in authority who can make or break your job promotion, for example, their opinion does matter unfortunately.

I had a situation today where my supervisor said he would not go ahead with my promotion since my senior coworkers are not in agreement with it. It was devastating to hear it.
Did I do everything I can in my job? Absolutely
Did I overdeliver ? I did
I have been working at it since oct 2018 and even made it my impossible goal for 2019.
Could I have done anything differently? I don’t think so
This is my best. It really is.

After all this, the people in authority say that I am lacking in some areas and denied my promotion.

I know this was a stretch goal for me , I was “willing” to fail and go through discomfort (disappointment). I believed it with all my heart that I would make it. But when it was revealed that it is not going to happen now, it hit me hard. I haven’t been able to see this as neutral circumstance yet, I still have lot of frustration and anger against the people who stopped my promotion.

What are some ways to process this emotion? I have been buffering with Facebook.

My immediate thoughts are that this organization doesn’t see the value I provide. I want to quit and find a new job – I am not quitting because it’s hard, I’m quitting because I disagree with them. If I stay, it means I agree with them.

I have excellent feedback from customers, but unfortunately my organization values the other set more than the customers.

Yeah, I’m frustrated that others opinion do matter.