Allowing someone to be RIGHT about me

I have been practicing ‘allowing someone to be wrong about me’. It has been amazing work.
In the middle of practicing this thought, another occurred. ‘She might be right.’
Then I remembered Brooke talking about how it is possible to agree with people when they say negative things…
(I wish I could remember the podcast…) I think it had to do with life being 50/50 and we probably have thought the same negative thing about ourselves at one time.
I would like to explore this thought more. “When someone accuses me of something…I could agree with them.”
I’m imagining how this could work.
C-husband says ‘you don’t pick up after yourself’
T- who are you to judge me!!!
F- defensive
A- verbal attack of his behavior, bring up evidence that I do pick up
R- I judge him, I push away

C-husband says ‘you don’t pick up after yourself’
T- sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. He is right.
F- open
A- agree
R- (husband might go into shock:)
I become curious about when I do, when I don’t and what I make it mean.

I hope I can slow down enough in the moment to accomplish this in real time…
Any advice?