Allowing the hard AND/OR re-committing with new belief to NOT give up.

“I want to give up on being a solo entrepreneur and apply for a less demanding job” is a thought – I could just make my current job less demanding… help 🙂

C: Running my own bizz
T: It’s been so hard in 2021 + the hustle is not worth it + I want to give up
F: Exhausted + resistant + apathetic = discouraged
A: Not work on communication plan, take off days, look at other jobs, apply for corporate jobs, ruminate about hard, complain to friends, think about giving up, waiting for someone to come save me and make it easier
R: Not make all the hustle worth it and indulge in thinking about the hard and start giving up

C: Running my own bizz
T: It was hard and I did it + the hustle was worth it + I want to give up
F: Proud + relief + surrender
A: Rest, start a new week on monday, + go to ask a coach for help on re-commiting
R: Give up on making it harder than it is and stop the hustle and keep on going at slower but consistent pace