Allowing Urges

Hi there!

I am working on allowing urges for OCD tendencies/behavior. I am making progress in some areas, but I have one or two behaviors that seem to want to hold on for dear life.

When allowing an urge to “monitor for safety” or “wash your hands so you don’t spread germs” (my hardest behaviors yo let go of), I’ve found it helpful to watch others move easily through their day without those behaviors and to be curious about why they aren’t worried. I’m not trying to make myself wrong – I’m just looking for evidence that I don’t have to indulge in those behaviors.

My other observation is this – the urgency that accompanies an OCD tendency is very strong and I think hard to let go of because of how much I have overblown the importance of being careful and cautious. My brain wants to say – but if you miss something dangerous or spread germs and someone gets hurt or dies, it will be your fault. Thus I am trying to avoid guilt and shame.

Can you help me with some alternate IMs to help my brain focus in more productive ways?

Thank you!