Allowing urges and protocol

Hi! I have a few questions about allowing urges.

1. Can I use this concept for over smoking, over netflixing, using phone too much and playing video games on the phone?

2. Could you please give me an example on how I would use a protocol in terms of watching TV and playing video games on the phone? With smoking I can say for example tomorrow I smoke x amount of cigarettes at those times. Is it how it works?

3. Should I focus on 1 thing at a time (for example first smoking, once it’s done and I don’t smoke, I can focus on lessening tv) or I can do them all simultaneously? How would that work in that case? And if I can choose few buffers to work with then in allowed urges I just write different buffers?

4. And another really important question about it. Can I use this concept in relationship to codependency/love addiction? Let’s say I fall in love more often than I want to. And it’s in a way rewarding the urge. I wondered if me rewarding those urges makes it stronger. How would I work with it using this concept? My guess is I can decide to stay single for x period. And allow the urges for that entire time. But what about protocol here? I can’t plan on falling for someone ahead of time 😂

Thank you lots.