Allowing Urges And River Of Misery

Isn’t the whole point of allowing urges and using the urge jar to get better at allowing urges and the discomfort and not acting on them which in turn leads to LESS discomfort over time? I’ve been doing well but only because I’ve believed that I will gain mastery and eventually I’ll lose the desire for excess food or food as a fix. In a previous coaching thread the coach suggested I sit with the thought that i may always feel overly attached to food. The whole point of me doing this work is to lose the desire for excess food and using food as a fix. The thought that it may never get easier is causing me intense anxiety, sadness and urges to discontinue. It seems like believing that it will get easier and that I will gain mastery was serving me much better. But now I feel scared – what if it lasts forever? Can I be stuck in the river of misery permanently ?!? My brain wants to convince me that it’s not worth it.