Allowing urges in different situations

Dear Coaches,
I’m finding the whole urge jar process to be so enlightening. I’ve lost 2.4 lbs in 8 days and feel so much more in control of myself. What’s interesting is that it seems some urges are easy to allow whereas others I can’t even begin to allow. For example, when I’m at home with my meals planned and prepped, I can allow all urges to eat or drink off protocol. Even when I’m driving home and thinking I should stop to get a bottle of wine, I can allow that and not act on it. But at work – a tray of cookies gets passed around during a meeting and I eat two before the thought even crosses my mind that there was an urge that preceded me taking the cookies. Another situation – I bought ice cream for my parents who were coming to dinner. I had planned on having one scoop with them after dinner the next day. Instead, I ate a ton of it the day I bought it – again, without even processing that there had been an urge. So it seems to me – when the object of my urge is not available, I can allow it. But when it is available, right in front of me – I don’t even recognize that there was an urge. I think my ultimate goal should be to have ice cream, cookies, and wine in my home and not care, not feel any desire at all. Or if I do feel an urge, I can allow it and move on without responding. Is that correct? Is there a progression of working on urges (easy to allow working up to harder, for example)? Or should I just go buy some ice cream and wine and stimulate tons of urges to work on those specifically? Thanks so much!