Allowing urges in social context

How to allow urges if they affect our social interactions? My urges sometimes feel like tightness, constriction, anxiety and hipersalivation and swallowing. I can allow it when I am alone sitting on a chair, but if I am involved in a conversation or I am in a social context this form of I causes me to panic about my urges and at times I feel compelled to quit the social situation for a few minutes. The temporary aliviation (food or drink) allows me to go through the current situation and to postpone the allowing to a more safe moment. Of course in this way I still give into the urge and I do not break the pattern.
Maybe to explain better myself I can make an example of a dinner with family or colleagues where someone has an urge to binge. he/she wants to allow the urge but the urge in the body feels like constriction, shakiness, fogginess and makes him/her stutter. In such a situation it becomes difficult to fully experience the urge in allowance and at the same time maintain the social interaction . What are your suggestions in these cases? thaaanks!