This took on a whole new meaning for me today, and I’m so grateful for this!. After about 60 minutes of self coaching (had only planned on ~20min, but was going places…) I realized I had the thought “some thoughts and feelings are wrong to have and out to be changed.”
C-coaching self and others
T-some thoughts and feelings are wrong to have and ought to be changed
A-seeking to find the “wrong” thoughts and feelings and get to work changing them
R-not allowing thoughts and feelings, proving to myself they are wrong to have

I love that I found this.

But as soon as I typed that I felt apprehension, this is what I got:

C-coaching self and others
T-If I allow all thoughts and feelings I might not realize if I’m reacting to them and I might become someone I don’t want to be
A-tentative to practice allowing thoughts and feelings
R-Continue to reject thoughts and feelings which often leads to me showing up in ways I don’t want to

Okay, this is good stuff. I’m not positive what my question is here, b/c I’m practicing not looking for “better” and “more right” ways to do things in coaching myself…so I don’t want to ask am I doing this right? But then again I kind do, LOL

Perhaps I’ll just sit with this for a bit and not rush to get anywhere?