Almost over envy of others…almost

I’ve been working a lot lately on feeling more acceptance, love and happiness toward others’ success and life milestones, but I still feel slight envy on some things, though I know I shouldn’t. One example of this is that my friend from college just bought a house. After some nosey cyber stalking, I found out it was for $515k. I was a little jealous because it was more than what I paid for my house ($360k). Though I bought my house 7 years ago on a single income where he is dual income. So why am I feeling jealous? I’ve looked at my thoughts and maybe the best one that I can come up with is “he bought a more expensive house than me” which turns into jealousy. The A line would be rumination? perhaps spending time and energy on jealousy, cyberstalking, etc. I suppose in general the A line is more spending time and energy on envy rather than doing other value-added stuff.

As far as jealousy on more extreme examples like “this 24 year-old is now a millionaire due to _____” I don’t really get jealous in that case, but I guess when it is peers or friends where we overlapped in life for a bit and I feel like we were equals and now maybe I feel we are not (with them being more “something” than me)? It certainly doesn’t work the way where I am jealous of those who haven’t been as prosperous as me.

Intellectually, I know I got more going for me, and I know that this is somewhat ridiculous, but the feeling is still there. So how do I work this and not be jealous? I can probably predict the same feelings when my CCP peers hit 100k before I do. I want to be welcoming, happy, and supportive to those who have taken a step that I feel that I should have already taken. Also, I need help recognizing that maybe I have already taken that step, but it may look a little different. I’m much better than I used to be, and I think I’m almost there, but I need some help to get back on track. Thanks so much!