I almost quit SCS follow up

Hi Brooke,
I just have to say how much I loved the call last week with the AirBnB business owner. I could totally relate to the way she felt, having just come up with her favorite idea only to have you tell her that she shouldn’t do it, but rather focus on the part of her business that is already successful. That next shiny object syndrome is so real, and so tricky. The second I hit a barrier with something I’m doing, I am CONVINCED that there’s a better idea I should pursue instead, or in addition to. I think I’ve come to believe that doing a lot of different stuff means I’m a successful person. In the past, I’ve gotten praise for it. But every time I heard the praise, I had a part of me that knew it wasn’t quite right. Like, yeah, how hard is it to start a million things? Not hard. Committing to them, now that’s hard.
Anyway, I had written that I was going to quit SCS, and decided to stay because I appreciate the lesson of commitment. I mentioned in my last Ask Brooke that I’d written out a model that I found too embarrassing to write, and you encouraged me to share it. So, here it is:

C: Brooke talked about therapy vs coaching
T: She’s saying untrue things about therapy, and this why my profession is often disrespected and misunderstood, and why I’m undervalued
F: resentful
A: quit scholars
R: no new experience, back to the same old safety

C: Scholars
T: Brooke is secretly disgusted by me
F: worthless and not good enough
A: quit scholars
R: stagnation

Intentional (after some time)
C: Brooke talked about therapy vs coaching
T: My career is so often misunderstood by the general public, and that means nothing about my worth as a person or a professional
F: Optimistic
A: Take action to spread understanding about therapy by being an amazing professional
R: I build an awesome business

C: Scholars
T: It doesn’t matter if Brooke is secretly disgusted by me
F: Centered
A: Stay engaged for my own growth and practice of commitment
R: I have a new experience of getting over my own ego

OK I’m gonna quick hit “send” before I change my mind.