Aloha Vacation and Protocols

Heading to Hawaii in a week. We never take vacations as a family and we are taking our two toddlers on a 9 hour flight to Hawaii. I have been having stressful and doubtful thoughts about being able to stick to my protocol on this vacation. My brain wants to have me believe that there is no way anyone could survive 9 hours on a flight without buffering away the intense stress of flying with two toddlers, and that if I don’t buffer on the flight and or during stressful situations during the vacation I will be more on edge and not as calm, adding to the stress of the situation. I realize these are all thoughts. I understand that the situation or circumstance of us flying with toddlers is completely neutral. That my brain is the one telling me its going to be hell. I also understand this is not the time to give up if I want to evolve and become more of who I am, this is a my classroom and this circumstance of being on vacation is a perfect way to build up a lot of resilience. It is a chance for me to use my creativity to stay on target. A chance to hear myself saying no and choosing not to suffer. I am choosing to think I am committed to sticking to my protocol in Hawaii, I am committing 100% to use this circumstance to build resilience. The feeling this thought creates is scared and determined. In your experience is this the right feeling to stick to a protocol in a circumstance my primitive brain wants to label as less than ideal.
Love you and this work. Thanks