Alone, part 2

I forced myself to do a model even though I was shaking and panicking. Can you help me simplify the model please?

C I am not alone
T I don’t think I can let anybody in
F heartbroken
A I close up, I push people away
R I end up alone.

C I am not alone
T I am learning to rely on myself. The more I do that, the more chance there is that people will rely on me and trust me. I can’t convince anybody to rely on me, but I can give them opportunity to do so. I can talk to them about what I feel, show them that I’m reliable, I can try to be vulnerable and let people in. If they let me down it’s not my fault. It’s worth it to try so I don’t actually end up alone. The worst that could happen is this breaks the relationship, and its okay. There’s other people out there who will love me.
F a glimpse of peace
A I talk to them. Try being vulnerable. Slowly keep learning to rely on myself
R probably the relationship grows.