Already a giant step closer to impossible goal!!!! I kid you not- SCS work is seriously mind blwing!!

Not really a question. Just a share i guess. So i set an IG for a work position for 2019. This is a completely new area of work and i have been scared to go after it. Ever since i set it as a goal for next year i.e past 2 weeks, i have been showing up at all meetings and discussions about thsi upcoming project( uninvited- purely voluntarily)- taking massive action by preparing; asking questions and suggesting solutions. Just 14 days.. and today i have been offered an entry level position in that project. I am beyond delighted and a small part of me is still in complete disbeleif. I am told that my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is a big reason why i should be on the team and also(their words, not mine) that i take massive action!!! I am getting closer ann closer to that goal and it is not even 2019 yet!! Brooke- you are truly amazing… my life has just exploded beyond comprehension and the best is yet to come. Thanks to the moon and back.