But I already know everything!

Hi Brooke,
I am very new to SCS, and trying to think of one specific question to ask. I think this might be a metaphor for the question itself. I feel like I’m overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm but have so much trouble focusing and moving forward with any one thing. The minute I hit resistance I move to a different project (or I get lost in Facebook if I’m gonna be honest about it). I am a tutor, a therapist, and involved in a direct marketing business. I want to be a writer, speaker, all around inspiration. I want to sew my own clothes and create my own websites. I want to write the books that I can’t find in bookstores.
I titled my question the way I did because I feel so blocked the voice inside that says “thought download? Model? You know all this and you already do it. You’re a therapist for gods sake! You have a license and a masters degree! Really you should be writing your own model, not paying for someone else’s.” So hard to admit that’s what in my head, how terribly snotty! And it doesn’t help me any, that’s for sure. There’s a gracious part of me too, I promise!
Anyway I just booked a session with Suzy, to try and get over my resistance and make a tangible plan for myself.
Not sure I found a specific question to ask. Maybe, how to get over this resistance and start moving forward? You’ve given us lots of material to work with here, any suggests nowhere to start?
Thank you!