Already lost 5lbs in 5 days

I have a lot of weight to lose and have been familiar/practicing with these concepts over the last few years from listening to Katrina Ubell’s podcast. I signed up 5 days ago. For the first time I am committed to my thought download and working through models….both intentional and unintentional. Question #1 from my understanding…Is it ok not to replace unintentional thoughts, but just to sit with the feeling they create and learn a better action/reaction/no reaction to it?

#2 These first few days have seemed a little too easy, could it be I’m missing something crucial to this process or should I be preparing myself for the “river of misery”? And maybe its easy cause I haven’t completely gotten on the wagon regarding no flour/no sugar….

I am experiencing a lot of doubt around the idea of “no flour no sugar” (can i really do this?!). My intentional thought right now is “I am learning to eliminate my desire for food” which then leaves me with curiosity => put forth the effort => lose weight. Currently my protocol has eliminated sugar, and is minimizing flour to one meal of the day in a very specified quantity. I have not had alcohol, but want to plan for a drink this weekend. So not even doing a full 2 weeks…..this is my protocol, so I can choose what goes on it, right? (Question #3) At least the last part is what my brain is telling me as my excuse to hold onto this tiny bit of flour in my life that I don’t want to part with.