When to alter protocol for weight loss

I am loving the SCS program and am someone that is finally losing the weight for good! Thank you, thank you Brooke!!
I just looked back at my journal and record of weight loss and have noticed that my weight loss is very irregular, which I’m sure is not uncommon. I thought I remember you saying that we should wait at least 2 weeks before changing anything (fewer carbs and/or letting go of artificial sweeteners, etc.). Is it 2 weeks of no weight loss? Or just slower progress? So far my weight loss looks like this:

Week Pounds Lost
1 4.5
2 1
3 3.5
4 1
5 0
6 2
7 2.5

I am almost worried that my IF and eating protocol is too easy….I am worried that difficulties are waiting for me in the future!
I know, I know, I should be just enjoying the process and deal with problems when they come up. I think my brain is trying to create problems for me to worry over.

Thank you again for this wonderful program and all that you do! XO