Alter someone’s testimonial? Or more to this…

Hello, I received a testimonial from a student who took my training and she mentioned two speakers and praised them. For many years my friendship with these two became clouded with triangulation and lack of professionalism on my part so I am trying to distance myself.

For the next training, I hired one of them and plan to use the recording of the other for participants. Can I edit out the speaker in the testimonial who is not coming to the current training? Thinking if I do, the person who wrote it who had me on her show might think it odd I deleted her material.

Plus, I prefer to not have these two speakers’ work enhanced because of an old grudge as they are former students who went much farther than me in their field or so I tell myself and I’m jealous they are “besties” UGH so high school! Maybe the real question is how to drop this triangulation jealous best friend story I keep recreating?