Alternative Futures and It Doesn’t Get Better Than This along with Believing Hard Enough

I recently listened to your latest podcast about alternative futures. This is something I struggle with because of an earlier podcast you did about how it doesn’t get better than this. How this moment isn’t better or worse than the moments to come. Correct me if I’m understanding this wrongly.

I always think my future is going to be better. When the kids are all in school I will have more time to work. I understand I can be happy now, with the kids home, and that I can be happy later with the kids gone all day. But it still feels like the future is going to be better than it is now. I thought I wasn’t supposed to think this way until your latest podcast when you said the future will always be better because you are always evolving.

My question then is, how do I know I’m not creating a feeling of lack when I think my future will be better? When I will have more money? When we can have a bigger house? It’s so hard to stay in this moment and not trade it for the next one.

My biggest problem is feeling lack. Lack of money. Lack of love. Lack of friendships. Lack of clients. I have been writing about my future and trying to understand what my future self would tell me about what I’m experiencing right now. I find that I want to believe what my future self says, but when the how isn’t super clear, I find myself doubting. Your podcast on believing hard enough was super helpful for me. Is that all I need to do is believe hard enough and keep taking action even though the results aren’t there yet? I’m so afraid of running out of money before any comes in.

Thank you for your thoughts!